Rosberg reacts to Vettel penalty: "Totally fair"

Rosberg reacts to Vettel penalty: "Totally fair"

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the Canadian Grand Prix of Formula 1 on Sunday thanks to a five-second penalty imposed on Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), the first to cut the finish.

The German failed a braking on lap 48, when he was leading, left the track and, upon re-entry, almost hit Hamilton, who came in second. The commissioners considered it was a dangerous maneuver of the Ferrari driver and they applied a five-second penalty. It was enough for Lewis Hamilton to win as he cut the goal to 1.342 seconds of Vettel, thus reinforcing command of the world championship.

On his YouTube channel, Nico Rosberg admitted that the penalty "is totally fair".

"Vettel shouted to say that he had dirt on the tires, that he had no control over the car and that he did not see Lewis [Hamilton]. All right, but Lewis was there. The rule says that when we get off the track we have to get back safely. Vettel crossed the entire lane and I think he could leave more space. As it did not, Lewis saw that it was a dangerous situation and had to stop. I saw the replay several times and if Lewis had not locked it would have gone against the wall, "defended the former World Champion.

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