Rui Borges wants team “to score more goals”

Rui Borges wants team “to score more goals”

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After the home defeat against Feirense, 0-1, last Tuesday, the Academic vlooks to take action in the 2nd league on Sunday morning. The students play, starting at 11.15 am, at Estádio do Varzim SC.
The training coach of Coimbra, Rui Borges, considered, in the preview of the duel with the poveiro group, the Varzim as one of the candidates for the division climb.
“It is a team that has strengthened a lot and has a beautiful team. I believe it is one of the formations that wants to try to move up the division and, in my opinion, is in the lot of candidates for the climb. It comes from a defeat, but there is no one who will always win, that's for sure ”, he assumed.
Despite Paulo Alves' team playing at home, Rui Borges wants to return to positive results.
"They will play at home and want to win again, but we will also want to win, knowing that on the other side there is a very competitive team", he guaranteed.
The presence of an audience would give the game another spectacle. “Such a game is bad, with two teams with a very good and fervent fan base, not having fans in the stadium. I believe that outside the field it would be a beautiful game ”, he stressed.

Offensive registration
In three games played in the 2nd League 2020/2021, academicians managed to score only one goal. The ability to materialize is one of the aspects that Rui Borges wants the team to improve.
“Within what we are, we follow up, a little, on what was the game that with Feirense in terms of quality, and we managed to improve what is the offensive aspect. We have to improve and score more goals, because if we don't, we won't win. We have insisted on this aspect and we must continue to work and believe ”, he said.

Chaby and Sanca are added value to the squad
“Chaby is a different player. It has its own characteristics and can add a lot, especially in offensive terms. Sanca comes to a position where we didn't have many solutions. It is an explosive extreme, aggressive with the ball and comes to add and give us another solution for the front of the attack ”, he highlighted.

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