Rui Rio accuses Government of being “master of propaganda and dramatization” – Jornal Económico

At the closing session of the PSD Summer University in Castelo de Vide (Portalegre), Rui Rio stated that the PS leader has "an opportunistic speech" on the brink of elections regarding his left-wing partners.

“We have a Government that is above all a master of propaganda… a master of role-playing in a way it has never seen before, in the ability to set up a media political circus when it is not about the national interest but the interest of the PS” he accused.

In this regard, Rio drew a parallel between the threat of the resignation of Prime Minister António Costa in May over the possibility that Parliament would approve the full count of teachers' length of service before the European elections with the Government acting in recent strike by dangerous-goods drivers on the verge of legislatures.

“I had in mind a scenario to condition – and succeeded – the vote of May 26, but the Portuguese who want to understand now have a good example to realize the exaggeration and nonsense of what was done at the time in the interest of the PS and not in the national interest, ”he warned.

Rui Rio assured that if the PSD is Government, “there will be no circus, no show, no mediatization, even if it can work for the next election”

"If the former PSD government was accused of anything, it was to put the country's interests ahead in exchange for the unpopularity of the party," he said.

Rui Rio also referred to the recent criticism of the Socialist Secretary-General to left-wing partners, in particular to the BE, accusing him of making "an opportunistic speech."

“I condemn this way of being in politics. We are not looking for gratitude, but neither is it pretty ingratitude to the partners and, above all, trying to confuse the electorate in the last 30 days before the elections with a completely different speech than the last four years, ”he criticized.

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