Rui Rio accuses Government of being "weak with the strong" on salaries of judges – The Economic Journal

PSD President Rui Rio accused the government on Thursday of being "strong with the weak and weak with the strong," reiterating its opposition that judges could win more than the prime minister.

Speaking to journalists, Rio described as "unjust" and revealing "lack of State sense" the approval of a measure on Wednesday in a parliamentary committee, contained in the proposal for a Statute of Judicial Magistrates that will allow the judges counselors to receive a salary higher than that of the prime minister.

"I see very badly and the PSD can not support: it shows lack of sense of state when we admit that, within the public administration, one can win more than the prime minister," he said, considering that only the president of the Assembly of the Republic and the President of the Republic may have higher salaries.

The PSD leader, on the other hand, considered it "very unfair" to increase the salaries of judges when this is not done for other professional careers.

"A top-of-the-line teacher – if he can reach the top of his career – wins the same as a judge when he leaves school and starts work. And the government wants to increase this gap even more and, moreover, with a salary component that no IRS pays, "he criticized.

"People have to know this: the Government is weak with the strong and strong with the weak and I, throughout my career, have a taste for being strong with the strong," added Rio, who had already spoken in the afternoon on the social network Twitter on this subject.

In his official account, the leader of the PSD published the table of remunerations of the magistrates that the Government wants to have to approve in the plenary on Friday.

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