Rui Rio: “As a leader, the PSD does not participate in circuses. It's not my specialty. ”

Rui Rio criticized the government on Friday for launching “a media circus” and for standing “on one side of the barricade” regarding the conflict between drivers and Antram.

The leader of the PSD considered that, in relation to the meeting that is taking place between the Government's mediator and SNMMP, this is a sensible step and that goes against what the party led by Rui Rio defends.

However, the Social Democrats make a negative assessment of government performance after five days of driver strike. Rui Rio criticizes the executive led by António Costa of being "placed on one side of the barricade" after launching a "media circus".

Concerning the drivers' pretensions, Rui Rio disputed the fact that drivers almost always work more hours than stipulated.

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