Rui Rio attacks Marques Mendes due to strike by dangerous drivers – O Jornal Económico

PSD President Rui Rio turned to Twitter on Monday to criticize Marques Mendes, without ever naming him, after the former Social Democratic leader named António Costa's executive as “the big winner” of the strike of the motorists. hazardous materials. “Rui Rio said right things at the wrong time. He said that the Government was wrong at the beginning and that it was doing well at the end. The truth is that when the government went wrong Rio was silent and when the government started doing well, Rio came to give a press conference, ”Mendes said on Sunday in his comment space on SIC's“ Jornal da Noite ”.

Rui Rio responded late in the afternoon, saying that “according to some commentators, the PSD lost 'this thing' because he spoke little and late ', while the Government' will have won because he spoke for seven (or eight) elbows, 25 hours. per day". The Social Democratic leader opposed four of his party's speeches on 8, 10, 14 and 16 to a strike that began on the 12th, rebelling against "commentary professionals" in response to questions from journalists yesterday. awaited him in Viana do Castelo.

In “Jornal da Noite”, despite criticizing what he considered to be “exaggerations”, such as GNR's notification of drivers at their homes, Marques Mendes pointed out that “if the PSD and CDS were in power they would have made decisions that were almost the same as those of the Government".

Nor did he spare Rio, saying that he left the impression that “he only spoke because he was pressured by criticism in the media and his party mates”, advancing what should have been his performance: “Instead of talking in the 25th hour, the leader of the PSD should have done the following: Rui Rio should have interrupted his vacation before the strike began, should have met with the government, trade unions and bosses, made demands on everyone for dialogue and openness and The Government should have anticipated matters of defense of the public interest and state authority. It would set the agenda, condition the Government, and then have more authority to criticize it, if that were the case. ”

The commentator of the SIC saw in the end of the strike of the drivers of dangerous matters a "victory of the democratic authority of the state" and the defeat of "union populism that had in Pardal Henriques its biggest protagonist". “This defeat was good for democracy and for free and responsible unionism,” said Marques Mendes, for whom the government was professional, after being an amateur in April.

Early on Sunday, Rui Rio reacted to the strike suspension, also through Twitter, but as a very different reading of the facts, writing that “the Government had only to stop the dramatization and the threats, and everything began to be resolved” . For the social democratic leader, “as with the file of the teachers before the European ones, we saw again the exaggeration and the mounting of a circus with electoral purposes – the Government serving the PS instead of serving Portugal ”.

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