Rui Rio says that PS "will never seek to govern moderately" – The Economic Journal

PSD President Rui Rio said on Saturday during the J Summer Fest marking the 45th anniversary of the Social Democratic Youth (JSD) that the agreement between the PS and left-wing parliamentarians to approve the new Bases of Health is one more sign that the Socialists are "completely leaning to the left." And that António Costa "will never seek to govern in a moderate way, in a balanced way and that safeguards our collective future".

Referring in particular to the JSD, as a "fundamental element of the electoral campaigns" of the PSD, Rio warned of the need to achieve a "political change in Portugal" that seems very unlikely to believe the latest polls.

Of the "never seen in 45 years" choice of very young list heads, the Social Democrat leader admitted that "he has above all a symbolic burden." "So much goes to the Assembly of the Republic as the first or second or third of the list," acknowledged Rio, who had alongside him the "sub-30" Margarida Balseiro Lopes, president of the JSD and already announced as head of list by Leiria .

"We want to say that we want to adapt to the new times and that these younger people help us find the way to the future," said Rui Rio, stressing that the most recent proposals of the PSD regarding the reduction of taxes and protection of the environment aim to "solve structural problems" for the new generations.

The Social Democrat leader also said that he wants "quality jobs" and "remunerations on the scale of the European average".

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