Rui Rio wants senior civil servants covered by salary increases – The Jornal Econômico

Rui Rio wants senior civil servants covered by salary increases - The Jornal Econômico

PSD President Rui Rio said today that senior civil servants are poorly paid and argued that they should be included in the announced salary increases.

"For many years I have been worried about senior civil servants, who are very poorly paid. Therefore, the public function has to have quality cadres, "Rui Rio told reporters at the entrance to a session with PSD / West militants in Lourinhã, Lisbon.

Referring not to have a concrete opinion because it is still unknown the proposal of the State Budget for 2019, the Social Democrat defended that "one has to look at the salaries of the public function in a global way."

"I understand that it is nice to give increases to those who have less and less increases to those who have more, but the truth is that the public service is losing competitiveness," warned the PSD president when asked about the interview of the Prime Minister to TVI , on Monday.

Regarding António Costa's intention to maintain the existing government solution if he wins next year's legislative elections, the PSD leader felt that "having the PCP and the Left Bloc in the sphere of governance is always a very big constraint."

Rui Rio has an "opinion exactly opposite" to the PS on the effectiveness of left-wing parliamentary governance.

"It can work well within the interests of the PS, the PCP and the Left Bloc. In the context of the country's interests, it is necessary to make certain reforms, to make the country grow and develop, and I do not think that is the solution, "he said.

In the interview on Monday, to the question of whether there will be an increase in the base salary of public administration workers in 2019, António Costa said that his executive will go "as far as possible", noting that, at the moment, is in the negotiation stage.

"I understand that it would be more effective to concentrate the financial margin that exists in those who need it the most and where the difference is greater than to spread in an egalitarian way for all, benefiting all little. In some maturities, at the highest, this difference will not make a difference, "the prime minister said.

In the same interview, the prime minister showed little confidence in the possibility of PCP and Left Block entering an eventual PS Government, claiming that the degree of commitment on the left is to be friends, but not to marry.

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