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Government has "failures at the most diverse levels", accuses Rui Rio - O Jornal Económico

PSD leader Rui Rio has canceled his agenda for this Saturday and has decided that he will only make a statement on the political crisis, caused by the thawing of the professors' career, on Sunday afternoon. The candidate for the European elections, Paulo Rangel, had already assured that the PSD leadership would respond "at the right time".

According to the 'Observer', Rui Rio spent the day listening to people nearby, inside the party, and outside personalities. Since Friday, the PSD leader has remained silent, after accusing Antonio Costa of making a "theater coup". Rangel justified that Rio "will not follow the political calendar that the prime minister established for himself."

Margarida Mano had already been publicly told that Costa "deliberately lied" about the content of the proposal, although she declined to clarify whether the party would introduce changes in its position when the bill goes to the final vote.

Paulo Rangel, in an event where Rio's presence was expected, revealed that it was "serious that the prime minister created an artificial crisis in the country," pointing to "a double standard." The same newspaper said that the PSD leader has hinted that he does not want to follow the "carnival that was set up".

During the event, the MEP even remembered the case of the fires of 2017, similar to Asuncion Cristas, and said that the prime minister "did not call and even went on vacation", and in the case of Tancos the same "did not give importance".

Rangel also accused António Costa of seeing many fiction series, giving the example of "House of Cards", known for the burden of political crisis. "When you play with serious issues, it is necessary that the reactions are given in the right time," said MEP.

The PSD candidate for Europeans considered that the question of the full count of teachers' time of service is "poorly framed" and argued that the PSD proposal "is responsible" and "has conditionalities" such as economic growth or financial consolidation , which can be translated into payment, in anticipation of reforms or reduction of schedules.

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