Ryanair paid debt of 5,500 euros to halt seizure of plane in Porto – The Economic Journal

Ryanair paid debt of 5,500 euros to halt seizure of plane in Porto - The Economic Journal

Ryanair paid more than € 5,500 today to prevent the seizure of an aircraft at Porto airport due to a failure to comply with a sentence it was ordered to compensate passengers for delays in flights, a lawyer said.

"Ryanair was notified of the garnishment on Friday. Today, when we arrived at the airport to make the attachment, Ryanair paid the amount owed, regarding compensation to passengers for delays in flights, "said the lawyer Pedro Mendes Ferreira, who this morning accompanied the enforcement agent in the diligence and that represents a family that took the company to court.

According to the judgment of the Local Civil Court of Lisbon, which Lusa had access to, the family requested compensation from the carrier for having been denied boarding the Port to Ponta Delgada and for the "delay of more than five hours" flight from Ponta Delgada to Porto.

According to lawyer Pedro Mendes Ferreira, prior to today's proceeding "all necessary and demanding" were made to take the transported to comply with the June sentence, which "did not appeal."

"On Friday, the company was notified that the garnishment would be carried out today if they did not pay the debt," he added.

Pedro Mendes Ferreira justified the need to use the attachment of an airplane because "Ryanair does not have bank accounts in Portugal and is headquartered in Portugal at a law firm in Lisbon."

"There is some disproportion between the value of the debt and the value of the property to be pledged, but Ryanair does not have any assets in Portugal that could account for the debt," said the plaintiff.

The debt paid this morning, "by bank transfer, through the Lisbon lawyers' office," amounted to € 5,577.82, equivalent to the amount of compensation fixed in the sentence, plus "interest, enforcement agent costs and other expenses."

According to the ruling, in April 2017, the flight of five members of the same family "was scheduled for 16:50 and, despite the boarding notes mentioning that the boarding gate closed at 16:20, it only started this time ".

"It happened that when it was time for the authors to enter the boarding gate, and although it was open, [Ryanair] prevented the authors from going through it, "is described in the action filed in court.

In its defense, the airline denies that passengers "arrived at the boarding gate before closing" and concluded that it was "their own fault that they had not boarded".

As for the return flight to Porto, the ruling states that Ryanair, "admitting the delay, claims that it was due to the fact that the commander of the aircraft, when approaching the airport of Ponta Delgada, understood that they were not assembled the necessary conditions for a landing with all the guarantees of safety due to the fog ".

Lusa contacted Ryanair, but so far has not received any response.

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