"Ryanair thinks Portugal is a banana republic" – Jornal Económico

BE's coordinator, Catarina Martins, defended today that the Government should end the minimum services decreed for the strike of Ryanair and oblige the airline to comply with Portuguese labor law.

Catarina Martins met this afternoon with the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel regarding the Ryanair crew strike, which began on Wednesday and runs until Sunday.

The BE coordinator was particularly critical of the government's minimum services for this strike, as “Ryanair has no public service”, arguing that the executive should end these minimum services.

“The Government what it has to do is not to be protecting a company that does not comply with Portuguese law, which thinks Portugal is a banana republic and tell Ryanair that Portugal is a serious country that respects those here works, ”he said.

For Catarina Martins, “this situation is unacceptable, regardless of the period in which it happens”.

“These workers are entitled to strike. They are on strike in a place that is not a public service. It is a conflict in a private company. There is no reason for minimal services because, as you know, Ryanair has no public services, ”he said.

What is at stake, from the BE coordinator's perspective, is “Ryanair is not complying with Portuguese labor law”.

"The Government cannot penalize workers who are fighting for fundamental rights, it must penalize Ryanair and force it to comply with Portuguese law," he insisted.

According to the blocker leader, "this is the first time the government has decreed minimum services for a Ryanair strike."

“There have been strikes in the past, there have even been European-wide strikes and no minimum services have ever been enacted for the simple reason that Ryanair does not provide any public service and therefore there is no essential service that has to be ensured and the right to strike workers exists. and it has to be respected, ”he explained.

Ryanair workers, Catarina Martins continued, “are fighting for something as essential as being entitled to a basic salary, entitlement to holiday pay or Christmas allowance, entitlement to overtime pay, entitlement to work insurance” .

“These are all rights that Portuguese law says all workers in Portugal have to have and Ryanair is not respecting Portuguese labor law in its most basic rights. It is a very important fight for the country because they are saying that in Portugal there is no jungle law, ”he noted.

The blockist coordinator recalled that "a year ago the BE proposed in the Assembly of the Republic and was approved, with the votes of the PS", a resolution for the Government to make "the necessary efforts for Ryanair to respect Portuguese law".

“And what happened a year ago? Absolutely nothing, except now the Government decreed minimum services, attacking workers who are fighting for compliance with Portuguese law, ”he criticized.

Shortly before these statements, Secretary of State for Employment Miguel Cabrita had argued at the Council of Ministers' press conference that the minimum services decreed by the government for the Ryanair strike "are in line" with the history of stoppages. civil aviation.

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