SAD of SC Braga registers losses in 2017/18 and increases liabilities

SAD of SC Braga registers losses in 2017/18 and increases liabilities

Sporting Braga's SAD will present a negative net result of 1.83 million euros (ME) in 2017/18 at the next general shareholders' meeting, with its liabilities increasing by almost 11 ME.

Contrary to the previous season (2016/17), in which the Bra- zilian SAD led by António Salvador registered a positive result of 2.7 ME, in 2017/18 there was a loss of 1.83 million, a fall explained by SAD for not inclusion in this exercise of capital gains with the sale of some players.

According to a statement from SAD 'arsenalista', the result does not incorporate the sale in August of Vukcevic to the Spaniards of Levante (the accounting 'period ends on June 30), nor of Pedro Neto and Bruno Jordão, who were given by two Lazio Italians with an option to buy at the end of last season, "which prevented the total accounting of their transfers."

"If it were not for these conditions, whose impact on the result of the period would be higher than 15 ME, Sporting de Braga, SAD would have net results higher than 13 ME", the same statement said, which notes that "EBITDA before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ") amounted to 3.3 ME."

Yields increased by three MEs (from 15.5 to 18.5), but spending more than doubled, about 30 percent, to almost 31 ME (against 23.7 from the previous season).

Of these, approximately 18 million correspond to personnel expenses, which include salaries (12.3) for all staff, professional athletes (teams A and B) and training athletes (sub-15, sub-17 and U-19), who transitioned from the club to SAD, as well as performance awards (1.5 ME).

If total assets increased (from 48.3 ME to 57.4 ME), SAD Minhota's liabilities also increased to 44.5 ME, compared to 33.5 in the previous season, plus 11 ME which represents an increase of 32.4 percent.

Equity amounted to 12.9 million euros, "which represents a financial autonomy of 22.5 percent, which, despite the reduction compared to the year ended, remains the highest of the SADs listed in Portugal", notes SAD 'arsenal'.

The shareholders of SAD of Sporting de Braga will gather to assess and vote the Report and Accounts of 2017/18 and the budget of this season next Monday, in a general meeting.

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