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The Statute of Judicial Magistrates was amended in parliamentary committee, with the approval of the PS, PCP and CDS-PP. The measure passed in Parliament on Wednesday, May 29, ended the ceiling that prevented the judges from winning more than the prime minister.

In Parliament, the CDS-PP proposal drew votes in favor of the PS and PCP, while the PSD and BE voted against the salary increase of the judges. However, despite the measure being approved, magistrates are prevented from receiving salaries above 90% of the salary of the President of the Republic.

Currently, Prime Minister António Costa receives 4,900 euros, plus 40% of representation expenses. The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, receives around 6,700 euros per month, to which he adds 25% of representation expenses.

Paulo Macedo, leader of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, receives 432 thousand euros per year, which gives a monthly salary of 36 thousand euros, if divided by the 12 months of the year. The President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, receives 5,200 euros a month with 40% of representation expenses.

Office Maturity Representation expenses
President 6,700 euros 25%
Prime Minister 4,900 euros 40%
President Assembly of the Republic 5,799 euros 40% 2,370 euros
President of Caixa Geral de Depósitos € 36,000

With the proposal of the PS and the CDS-PP accepted, the magistrates will be increased by 700 gross euros monthly. Those who will benefit the most from the measure are the top-of-the-line advisors who will earn 6,830 euros gross compared to the current 6,130 euros.

Already the judges in the five courts of the Relation and the two administrative central courts will see their salary rise by 340 euros to 6,120 euros instead of 5,780 euros. The trial judges, in turn, receive 2,530 euros, which can increase to 5,600 euros, according to the 'Público' newspaper of April 4.

If the proposal is approved in Parliament, the increase should also extend to the compensation allowance. Paid to almost all judges, the current value is 775 euros and is expected to increase to 875 euros.

Charges currently After the proposal
Counselors 6,130 euros 6,830 euros
Judges of the Relation 5,780 euros 6.120 euros
Administrative central judges 5,780 euros 6.120 euros
Trainee judges 2,530 euros € 5,600

Diplomats, according to the Correio da Manhã in 2018, get a gross salary of 10,143 euros per month. With a high remuneration, they manage to outdo the President of the Republic by 39% and the Prime Minister by 48%.

The presidents of the chambers of Lisbon and Porto receive 55% of the salary of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, about 3,685 euros. For the municipal chambers with more than 40 thousand voters, the value drops to 50%, 3,350 euros. The chambers that have between 10 thousand and 40 thousand voters, only receive 45%, in the order of 3,015 euros. The leaders of the chambers up to 10 thousand voters receive 40% of the value of the President of the Republic, a value of 2,680 euros.

Although university professors come in different levels and with different degrees, in the document of Fenprof it is possible to verify the remunerations practiced in 2018. In a university, a professor professor of first echelon receives 4,664.97 euros while one of the fourth step receives 6,401, 54 euros An associate professor with first-rank aggregation has a remuneration of 4,010.23 euros and a fourth-degree receives 4,664.97 euros.

In polytechnics, a principal coordinating teacher can be compared, in terms of maturity, to a full professor. With the first step, receives 4 664.97 euros and in the fourth step 5,401.54 euros. A coordinating teacher with aggregation receives the same amount as a teacher associated with aggregation, with 4,010.23 euros in the first step and 4,664.97 euros in the fourth step.

In the transitional frameworks of ISE's and ISCA's, an assistant teacher in the first step receives up to 3,109.98 euros and if in the room can receive up to 4,010.23 euros. An assistant with a masters or doctorate in the first step receives 2,291.56 euros, while in the third and last step receives 2,537.09 euros.

In the research team, a coordinating researcher in the first step can receive up to € 4,664.97, and if he is in the fourth step he can receive up to € 5,401.54. Already a principal investigator with qualification or aggregate can receive 4,010.23 euros in the first step and 4,664.97 euros in the fourth.

Office First tier Fourth
Universities Full Professor EUR 4,664.97 EUR 5 401.54
Associate Professor with Aggregation 4,010.23 euros EUR 4,664.97
Polytechnics Chief Coordinator EUR 4,664.97 EUR 5 401.54
Coordinating Teacher with Aggregation 4,010.23 euros EUR 4,664.97
Transitory tables of ISE's and ISCA's Assistant professor € 3,109.98 4,010.23 euros
Master or doctoral assistant € 2,291.56 Third tier: € 2,537.09
Investigation Research Coordinator EUR 4,664.97 EUR 5 401.54
Principal Investigator with qualification or aggregate 4,010.23 euros EUR 4,664.97

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