Salma Hayek shows Mexico of strong women in Netflix's "Monarch" series – News

Salma Hayek shows Mexico of strong women in Netflix's "Monarch" series - News

Carried out by the Mexican Irene Azuela, the plot deals with the story of Ana María, a journalist who leaves Mexico to make a living in the United States. She, meanwhile, returns to the country, following the orders of her father, a powerful tequilero businessman.

"Salma was interested in the look of someone years old outside Mexico showing the quality of the people, the Mexican traditions," said Azuela.

Hayek, also a producer and protagonist of the Oscar-winning two-statues movie "Frida," said "Monarch" will portray aspects of "corruption" in Mexico.

Asked about organized crime-related violence in the country, she regretted the attack on a bar in her hometown of Coatzalcoalcos, in the eastern state of Veracruz, which left about 30 dead a few days ago.

In her Instagram account, where she is very active, she had already condemned the act of violence, although she says she prefers to share images related to Mexican culture in order not to damage the image of her country.

"You have to choose what to put on Instagram and the truth is that this is not where these things are solved [os problemas sociais e políticos]"he pointed out.

In addition to Azuela, "Monarch" has the participation of Mexican actors Juan Manuel Bernal and Osvaldo Benavides, and Argentine Rosa María Bianchi.

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