Salvador Sobral's statements taken from context (and we apologize) – Present

Salvador Sobral's statements taken from context (and we apologize) - Present

Alleged controversial statements by the Eurovision 2017 winner in an interview with a Spanish television show last June were taken out of context.

Last summer, Salvador Sobral became a subject in the Spanish and Portuguese press after allegedly barking Cristiano Ronaldo during an interview with a television channel.

The winner of the Eurovision 2017 festival participated in the program 'Late Motiv', aired on Canal +, and after a comparison with CR7 due to its growing international recognition, would have responded: "Cristiano Ronaldo of music? Yes, but I pay taxes" .

However, although the press echoed an 'attack' on the Portuguese player by the singer, the statements were taken out of context, as can be seen in the video below and in the passage that we reproduce.

Presenter "You're Cristiano Ronaldo of the music, are not you?"

Investments – Hey!

Presenter – But you pay taxes.

Investments – … I paid taxes.

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In this sense and given that, at the time, Fama ao Minuto also reported Salvador Sobral's statements outside the context that was due to him, it is important to underline the importance of restoring the truth, with the presentation of the original of the interview, as well as of the most sincere apologies to the visa and to the dear readers for the error of interpretation.

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