Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Could Be Postponed Again – Equipment

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Could Be Postponed Again - Equipment

After the initial delay of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Korean manufacturer's foldable device was expected to arrive in June. Now, according to comments made by a Samsung Electronics official, everything indicates that it should not arrive before July.

According to Korean news agency Yonhap, Samsung's representative said that "the Galaxy Fold release date has not yet been decided, but we are in a position to announce it within a few weeks."

Due to the uncertain future of Huawei's foldable Mate X, following sanctions imposed on the Chinese company by the US government, Samsung is believed to be taking extra time to ensure that device durability issues are resolved.

Initially scheduled for April 26, the launch of Galaxy Fold was suspended after screen-related issues were detected during the initial phase of analysis, including damage caused by the removal of a protective layer.

However, prepaid Samsung Galaxy Fold in the United States will be canceled on May 31, unless customers expressly state that they intend to keep their order active.

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