Samsung shows prototype of new smartphone ready for 5G networks – Equipments

Samsung shows prototype of new smartphone ready for 5G networks - Equipments

The equipment was on display at a stand on the new generation of network connections, but it was the aesthetic peculiarities of the smartphone that caught the attention.

As we move closer to the 5G implementation phase, brands are increasingly evolving into promises and coverage solutions and equipment supporting the technology that promises a new generation of speeds for network connections. In the US, Verizon and AT & T teamed up to streamline a bundle of technology-friendly bids, which included a prototype from Samsung. The novelty in this case is that the phone was not like anything the company has presented before, and the most peculiar element is identified on the display, which features a notch side very different from what the industry has accustomed us.

According to the bodies present at the show, the equipment was streaming a video, in 4K, directly to a TV, with the help of a Verizon 5G network. However, representatives of South Korean technology did not let anyone approach the equipment.

The front camera of this phone is included in the side cut that the phone presents, but well above the space created for the purpose, as can be seen in the image above.

It should be noted that this equipment is a prototype and may not be commercially reproduced. The image may lead some readers to wonder if this design will not match the new Galaxy S10, but the truth is that the latest leaks point to a completely different look in which the frames have been completely suppressed to make way for a hole on the screen, floating, where the front camera should be accommodated.

Recently, the company organized an event for programmers where it presented several ideas that developed for the next displays of smartphones of the brand and none of them was comparable to the design of this prototype.

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