Samsung signs patent for smartphone with "scrollable" screen – Equipment

Samsung signs patent for smartphone with "scrollable" screen - Equipment

Samsung has filed a patent application at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) where it presents the design for a "scrollable" smartphone. Based on the illustrations in the register, the Dutch publication Let's Go Digital concludes that the new concept of the Korean manufacturer is to create a device that at first glance looks like a traditional smartphone, but with a screen that can be extended through a sliding mechanism, up to at least 60% more.

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However, as is often the case with patent registrations, there is still no certainty that Samsung will turn this new concept into a device ready for use by the consumer or whether it will be just a prototype.

The discovery of the patent for this model comes about a month and a half after the date originally scheduled for the launch of Galaxy Fold, which has since been postponed successively. Although there is still no expected date for the launch of its first foldable smartphone, Samsung seems to be already exploring other innovative designs for its devices.

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