Samsung took panoramic photo of the entire Portuguese Coast – Multimedia

Samsung took panoramic photo of the entire Portuguese Coast - Multimedia

Inserted in the celebrations of the Day of Portugal, last June 10, Samsung challenged a photographer, a chronicler and a sailor to embark on a journey along the Portuguese coast, with the objective of photographing and capturing the "first panoramic view of the Lusitanian coast ". The result is a photograph of 943 kilometers.

In order to construct the final photograph, hundreds of images were taken and compiled in a single panorama of the entire coast. The South Korean technology claims the first time that something was done in the genre to the Portuguese coast. Registrations were made with the recent Galaxy S10 +.

To share the photo, Samsung also made a mini-document, recorded over 8 days by the team, in a course of 420 nautical miles. The three men started from the northernmost coastal point of Portugal, Praia do Moledo, to the southern Algarve of Monte Gordo.

In the gallery you can see some of the landscapes that make up the Portuguese coast of the project, but on Samsung's official website you can slide the cursor without interruption in the photograph with 943 kilometers and watch the documentary in kind of "making of".

According to the president of Turismo de Portugal, the project is a creative and innovative way to promote the country and its natural resources. According to Luís Araújo, this action by Samsung promotes the sea and the Atlantic coast, which are the main assets of Portugal. For the head of marketing of Samsung Portugal, José Correia, the initiative is part of the philosophy and challenge of the brand for the new Samsung Galaxy S10: "Do What you can not." "In just one week we managed to do something unheard of, the first record of the entire coastline through the camera of a smartphone," said the executive.

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