Samsung will even launch the Galaxy Fold soon – resolved problems – Equipment

Samsung will even launch the Galaxy Fold soon - resolved problems - Equipment

After the new Samsung foldable smartphone reported problems, in the first units sent for analysis, the manufacturer decided to collect them to find out the faults and correct them. What is certain is that the release date would suffer a blow, even causing the company to admit to return the values ​​of the pre-orders if it could not have the device for shipping until next May 31.

Samsung seems to have plunged headlong into the problem and will already have overcome the challenges of the fix of the equipment, and can announce soon the new release date of Galaxy Fold. The promise is from the company's own CEO, Koh Dong-jin, in an interview with The Korea Herald via Gizchina, noting that the problems that damaged the smartphone, such as the entry of substances into the device, have already been corrected.

The screens apparently received additional protection after internal inspection of the models that were damaged during the tests, especially those whose protective film was removed. The areas that were exposed near the fold of the equipment were reinforced, as were the bezels around the screen that allowed dirt to easily enter.

Within days Samsung will reveal the final release date of Fold, which according to the CEO of the company should be within the time limit of the end of May. At the moment Samsung is waiting for the quality test certifications of the entities connected to the telecommunications operators.

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