Sánchez blames We and Citizens for scenario of new elections in Spain – The Economic Journal

The Spanish Prime Minister and leader of the PSOE considers that he has tried everything, but that the “conservative forces” and “a left political force” have made the decision to “block the formation of the government that the Spanish have complained about”, taking advantage of the election scenario on November 10, ask for "a clear majority".

"(Pablo) Iglésias on track for record: this is the fourth time that the United Can Stop a progressive government," Pedro Sánchez said today, referring to the failure of negotiations with his partner of choice and the need to lead voters Spanish for the fourth time at the polls in less than four years.

Sánchez also spared no criticism of Alberto Rivera's party, saying that "Citizens are not even liberal from the center", referring to the inability of political decision of this movement.

Almost five months after the parliamentary elections won by the leader of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party), Pedro Sánchez, on April 28, the country was still in a political impasse, leading today the King of Spain, Felipe VI, not to propose it as candidate to be reappointed as prime minister, within 48 hours of dissolving parliament and marking new elections on 10 November.

"We asked the Spaniards for a clear majority on November 10," the socialist leader said today after the failed talks that lasted several weeks.

"We tried everything, but they made it impossible (a solution)," explained Pedro Sánchez, after another round of consultations with the king and referring to the Unidas. We can with whom he tried to set the conditions for a governmental solution, to which he made several proposals. , which have been repeatedly rejected.

"Unfortunately, Spanish conservatives have little to do with Europeans and have chosen to quarrel," Sánchez said of citizens and their inability to understand the usefulness of parliamentary support.

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