Sanitation in the PSD? "There has not been and will not be," says Fernando Negrao – Jornal Econômico

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PSD parliamentary leader Fernando Negrão today rejected any PSD deputy being silenced by himself or by instructions from the leadership, stressing that it is natural for the protagonists to change when the party leadership changes.

"We have never silenced any MPs and we have never received any instructions from the party leadership to silence MP A or B," said Fernando Negrão, questioned by journalists at the door of the PSD parliamentary group.

After a meeting earlier this morning in which she heard criticism that some deputies were being silenced – who had left the former vice chairwoman of the Teresa Morais bench and were supported by other parliamentarians – Negrao said she had heard those words " with naturalness, "since" all the deputies are free to make the criticisms that they understand ".

"You know as well or as well as I that there has been a change of direction of the party, when there is change the protagonists usually change, but this does not mean that the previous progonistas are sanitized. There was no sanitation and there will not be any, "he said.

However, Negrão pointed out that there are cases of deputies who are asked to speak at press conferences, in plenary or in committees, which are said to be "not available".

"Of course I do not want to customize," he said, saying there are "legitimate reasons" for such a refusal, such as not sharing the party's opinion on a particular issue or not following the dossier from the outset.

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