Santana Lopes presents Marcelo's adviser as head of list for Brussels – The Economic Journal

Santana Lopes presents Marcelo's adviser as head of list for Brussels - The Economic Journal

Former Prime Minister Santana Lopes presented on Sunday the advisor to the President of the Republic, Paulo Sande, an expert on European affairs, as the head of the Alliance's list in the European elections in May 2019 for a "new attitude in Brussels". according to Lusa.

In a hotel in Lisbon, before about 250 supporters, Santana Lopes stressed that "the Alliance was born with this great concern, a Portugal with another attitude in Brussels."

"The Alliance finds it shocking that partners in a [Europeia] profit from crises of more moderate economies, "he said, calling for greater cohesion among member states.

About Paulo Sande, the former president of the PSD praised a "candidate who knows deeply the European reality", assuming the commitment of his new party to "renew the people who intervene in political action, opting for competence and credibility."

"We are Europeans, but first of all Portuguese, we love the country where we are born and believe in the European Union. We will win this fight, "promised Santana Lopes, assuming he would ask" a great vote for the Portuguese. "

The Alliance candidate, Paulo Sande, promised to present concrete proposals, but reserved them for a more timely time.

The former head of the European Parliament delegation in Portugal said that it is "symbolic that the Alliance, a new party, will present itself for the first time in the next European elections", because it is "a new party for a new time", when "Europe is going through difficult times."

"There is no progress without freedom, there is no freedom without democracy. There is no decent future without values, "he said, making sure to try to do" the best he knows and can trust. "

According to Paulo Sande, "nothing will be achieved without the adhesion of the Portuguese", and for this, one must "always speak truth, with rigor and clarity", making the "separation between utopia and the possible."

"I'm a suspicious optimist. Europe needs Portugal and Portugal wins to be a member of the European Union, "he said, stressing that he is a" realist "and stressing the importance of" connecting with the Portuguese ", so that the Alliance will use" all possible ways to communicate ".

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