Santos Silva 'bombardeia' on the right and left – O Jornal Económico

Minister Santos Silva has returned to the place where he feels comfortable and, in Porto, has attacked with the hardness that is usual for him on the right and on the left. The Socialist Head of the Electoral Circle Outside Europe was speaking at a luncheon with many socialist militants and supporters, attended by former PS candidate for secretary general and former MEP Francisco Assis.

“We do not want to bring the institutions of the Republic to the mud, we know that justice and politics are different domains, we know that the Armed Forces are a representative institution of the whole country, we know that judicial issues are resolved in the courts and that political issues are about parliament and politics, ”he said.

The Foreign Minister has rebelled against "the degradation of political language, against slander and personal offense." “Dr. Assunção Cristas seems to want to sink the level of the democratic political debate in Portugal, but it is evident to everyone today, just look at the polls, that she is going to sink herself,” she said, before talking about Rui Rio's taste. in "producing beautiful theories," such as financial rigor and clarity of decision.

However, according to Santos Silva, the PSD president said “one thing one day and another thing another day” on the subject of teachers' careers, put “vacations” during the strike period for hazardous drivers and forgot his principles. in the case of Tancos.

“Rui Rio has called for serenity and elevation when it comes to justice, he has rightly said that to be accused is not to be convicted – and that there is only one place where all this can be decided: in the courts. But Dr. Rui Rio was waiting for the first opportunity to disprove his own theory, ”he said. Then Augusto Santos Silva asked: “Can the country tolerate this volatility?”

The first part of the Foreign Minister's speech served to warn voters about the risks of a strengthening of the influence of one of the left-wing parliamentary partners, countering that the PS “never doubted the financial responsibility, the belonging of Portugal. European Union and the eurozone ”.

While ensuring that, with the socialists, dialogue will continue on the left. “Those who have doubts about respect for debt repayment conditions, those who want Portugal to spend 30 billion euros on nationalizations, those who devalue the right accounts, those cannot have excessive power. These cannot have an unreasonable influence on the next legislature, ”said Santos Silva, not to mention the Left Bloc.

The socialist leader said today that those who want a government without the PS have "many alternatives", wishing "they can go downstream" looking for an alternative they believe will do better than the PS.

António Costa stated that “anyone who wants a government without the PS has many alternatives. As always in democracy there are alternatives. And I hope they can go downstream looking for an alternative where they can believe they will do more and better than the PS will do in four more years of stable governance in our country. ”

The secretary general of the PS, who was speaking at the closing of the interventions of a lunch-rally in Matosinhos, considered that, when this phase of the election campaign has arrived, “it is very evident to all Portuguese that there is only one real choice to make” : between a PS government or a government without the PS.

António Costa said that every day he hears on the street who tells him “he wants to vote for the PS so that the PS governs with majority or no majority”, but also “whoever the PS governs with 'gerigon' or without 'gerigon'” .

However, he stressed, “whatever form they wish, they all have one thing in common”: that it is necessary to vote for the PS, to have a PS government to achieve “another four years of political stability” in Portugal.

"Does anyone believe that without the PS we would have been able to create jobs without the devil scaring those who invest and allow them to create more wealth or more jobs?" He asked, after listing the government's achievements in economic growth and decrease in unemployment.

He continued: “Does anyone believe that without the PS this political solution had lasted four years? No one believed that this was possible. ”

Upon arrival at the lunch-rally venue, António Costa was greeted by a group of BES / Novo Banco injured parties, who gathered in front of the Matosinhos Sports and Congress Center in a loud protest.

Prior to the initiative, which ended the PS campaign agenda for today, the socialist leader participated in a roadside break along Aguda beach in Arcozelo, Vila Nova de Gaia.

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