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The proposed Municipal Budget of São Brás de Alportel for 2019 presented by the executive led by Vitor Guerreiro, worth 12.9 million euros, was approved in a meeting of the chamber last Tuesday, 30.

With the votes in favor of the socialists and the abstention of the councilman elected by the coalition "São Brás de Alportel Prime" (PSD / CDS-PP / PPM / MPT), the document now goes to vote in a meeting of the Municipal Assembly.

Reaching a value of 12,948,220 euros, the proposed Municipal Budget for 2019 "reflects the continuity in the realization of the autarchic project that deserved the confidence of the São Sebastians for the four-year 2017-2021, setting new goals for the future", says the executive in a statement.

Among the main investments are the requalification of the block south of Avenida da Liberdade (200 thousand euros); a set of projects integrated in the Regional Sustainable Mobility Plan, such as a system of shared use bicycles and the extension of the network of pedocable circuits (270 thousand euros); the creation of the Interpretive Center of Serra do Caldeirão (60 thousand euros); and the concern with the area of ​​civil protection and forest protection, with a total of 600 thousand euros for the creation of bands of forest management, forestry works, opening of water points, acquisition of equipment, partnerships with the Army and support for Volunteer Firefighters.

The strategy of increasing economic development and the commitment to create anchor elements for the development of tourism in the county also encompass various measures and projects, such as the requalification of the 4 Eyes Quarry, the reconversion of the former Olive Oil Mill in the Arts Workshop, creation the Panoramic Viewpoint of the Historic Center, the project to enhance the Fonte Férrea Park, the creation of the Service Area for Motorhomes and the beginning of the creation of the EN2 Interpretive Center.

Social and health policies continue to be a priority in the budget of the municipality of são-brasense for 2019, while education is guaranteed 500 thousand euros for the construction of works to improve the schools of the county and, in the sports sector, is expected to materialize of the Sports and Leisure Park of São Brás de Alportel, whose next phase is the new equipment for the practice of the paddle.

The increase in the investment in the Sanitation Enlargement Plan to the various sites in the municipality (350 thousand euros), continuity in the General Plan of Pavimentos (155 thousand euros), and the bet on the administrative modernization of the municipality (112 thousand euros) are also registered , while the Participative Budget, as it had already been announced, will contemplate 70 thousand euros to execute the most voted project.

"We have the ambition to promote the development of the county, always with the solidarity and quality of life of the citizens at the center of the decisions. The elaboration of the Municipal Budget is a very demanding task, because we need to measure priorities and opportunities very well, in a difficult balance between the ambition we have for our land and the limited resources we have, "the president of City Hall of São Brás de Alportel, Vítor Guerreiro.



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