Sardine Festival begins in Portimão – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Sardine Festival begins in Portimão - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

From this Wednesday, August 7, and until next Sunday, the 11th, roasted sardines will reign in the Portimão riverside area, in five nights of good food and lots of excitement, in a popular party that marks the Algarve summer since the 1980s.

To set the tone for one of the most famous gastronomic events in the region, there was a recreation of the sardine discharge that evoked the activities related to the work of seafarers and attracted a few thousand spectators,
many of them foreigners, having culminated in a popular sardine.

The start of the 25th Sardine Festival is scheduled for 6.30 pm, with the official opening in Jardim 1º de Setembro, with musical animation and ruined until the event venue, in charge of the Portimonense Philharmonic Society Band and the Portimão Volunteer Firefighters Fanfare This will be followed by a visit to the event and typical dinner, a sardine.

Until Sunday, August 11, the queens of the party, accompanied with boiled potatoes and Algarve salad, can be tasted in one of the festival's partner restaurants- À Ravessa, Casa Bica, Dona Barca, Strong and Ugly, The Meco, Peixeada, Retiro Baked Fish, Ú Venâncio and Zizá, with more than two thousand seats.

One of the novelties of this edition is the fact that the Festival venue moves to an area close to the Clube Naval de Portimão, where grills once again scent the air with the characteristic aroma of grilled sardines, which can be enjoyed on the plate or on a slice of bread at the points of sale. The festival dish will cost 8.50 euros, with five baked sardines, bread, boiled potatoes and a salad with no drinks. These four spaces will ensure other proposals and alternative snacks to sardines, along with agri-food exhibitors who take
part in the event.

At the Main Stage, which this year will be set up next to the Naval Club, will dominate the music, always from 10 pm, with the following alignment: August 7 – Amor Electro; August 8 – Barbara Flag; August 9 – Marco Rodrigues; August 10 – C4 Peter; August 11 – Expensive Soul.

But the entire riverside area of ​​the city, between the Museu de Portimão and the area between bridges, will be full of other reasons of interest, from crafts to sweets, with a lot of street entertainment and music by bands and artists from the land, who will act. in the Jardim 1º de Setembro (18h30 to 19h30), the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Square Bandstand (19h30 to 20h30) and the Sardinha Stage, in the restaurant area (20h30 to 21h45).

Next to the old Portimao Fish Market, Petinga Park will provide, between 18h30 and 24h00, a space entirely dedicated to families, with inflatables and various activities for everyone, totally free, not forgetting the 38 meter high ferris wheel, which dominates the landscape.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the Museum of Portimão adapts its opening hours to the festival dates, opening doors from Wednesday to Sunday between 15h00 and 23h00, and on the last day of the Festival the entrance will be free from 15h00 to 7:00 pm The show “Walking Through History” will open at 7 pm on August 10 at Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, where it will be on display until September 29.

Recreation sardine discharge

Musial Program

Main Stage (10:00 pm)
Next to the Portimão Naval Club
Day 7 – Electro Love
Day 8 – Barbara Flag
Day 9 – Marco Rodrigues
Day 10 – C4 Pedro
Day 11 – Expensive Soul

Music in the Garden (18h30-19h30)
December 1st Garden, in front of the Municipal Theater of Portimão
Day 7 – Drums, basses and companies, musical direction by Vasco Ramalho and Bruno Vítor
Day 10 – Duo of the Algarve Jazz Orchestra
Day 11 – Chamber Music Group of the Southern Classical Orchestra

Music in the bandstand (19h30-20h30)
Manuel Teixeira Gomes Square Bandstand
(Joint initiative with the Portimão Parish Council)
Day 7 – Chick & amp; Vitor
Day 8 – Vasco Ramalho Trio
Day 9 – Renato Reis
Day 10 – Laundge Sax
Day 11 – Simple Song Band

Sardine Stage (8:30 pm – 9:45 pm)
Catering area by the main stage (Festival grounds)
Day 7 – Eduardo Viegas (Portuguese-Brazilian music)
Day 8 – Brasa Doirada (Singing Group of Alentejo)
Day 9 – The Jam (groove and funk)
Day 10 – João Leote (fado)
Day 11 – Nuno Duarte (accordion)

The entire schedule of the 25th Portimão Sardine Festival can be consulted online.



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