Sardine fishing with catch limit of up to 5,000 tonnes ends today – The Economic Journal

At the end of May, the Secretary of State for Fisheries indicated, in statements to Lusa, that by the end of July the catch limit was set at 5,000 tonnes and from August onwards it was 2,181 tonnes, making a total of 7,181 tonnes, value agreed between Portugal, Spain and the European Commission to ensure the sustainability of the sardine stock.

“The estimates that exist [apontam] for a slight recovery of biomass, but further efforts are needed. We recognize that this slight recovery is largely due to the efforts the industry has been making […], but this recovery has to be visualized and consolidated based on scientific data, ”said José Apolinário at the time.

Sardine fishing was banned between September 2018 and June 3 this year.

However, some restrictions remain, and it is forbidden to catch this fish on weekends, holidays and Wednesdays.

According to a diploma published in Diário da República on Thursday, the daily catch limits for vessels 9 meters or less in length are 1,012 (45 baskets), for boats over 9 meters in length and below 16 meters of 2,124 (90 baskets) and for vessels over 16 meters of 3,036 (135 baskets).

On the other hand, the “daily maximum catch of sardines calibrated as T4 is 450 kg […]and may not be downloaded and / or offered for sale on Wednesdays, other than weekends and national holidays ”.

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