School dropout rate falls, but is far from the goal – Current

School dropout rate falls, but is far from the goal - Current

The rate of early school leaving in 2017 was 12.6%, above the European average (EU 10.6%), an improvement from 17.4% in 2014 (EU 11.2%), but still far below average Europe 2020 targets of 10%.

According to the Education and Training Monitor 2018, released today, Portugal "faces a huge educational challenge, with more than half of the adult population attending only a low level of schooling.

Translated in figures, 52% of the resident population between the ages of 25 and 64 do not have a secondary or higher education (EU 22.5%).

However, Brussels notes that the number of students in higher education has increased, particularly in the polytechnic, but the degrees in science and mathematics are below the EU average.

The Portuguese population between the ages of 30 and 34 with higher education reached 33.5% in 2017 (EU 39.9%), with the target for 2020 being 40%.

By 2014, the ratio of population with higher education was 31.3% (EU 37.9%).

As regards compulsory education, the proportion of pupils up to 15 years of age who did not reach the reading objectives was 17.2% (EU 19.7%) in the past year, 23.8% in mathematics (EU 22.2%) and in sciences of 17.4% (EU 20.6%).

The employment rate of graduates increased from 69.4% in 2014 to 80.7% last year, below the EU averages: 76% and 80.2%, respectively.

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