Secondary students in Aljezur do not pay for transportation

Faro City Council transfers 1 million euros to school groups

Students from the municipality of Aljezur who attend any type of secondary education, will have a free school pass. The measure, which is part of the set of supports for families residing in the municipality, with school-age children, is one of the supports approved by the municipality to take effect
in the academic year 2020/2021.

Other measures already approved were the acquisition and availability of activity books, for all students of public basic education in the municipality, in addition to the Government's measure of making school manuals available.

The measures already approved also include the allocation to the Aljezur School Group, of a sum corresponding to the value of € 12.50 per child, who attends pre-school education and the 1st cycle of basic education in schools and gardens- public, from the municipality. Budget intended for the acquisition of pedagogical and didactic materials from each room, identified by teachers and educators, in support of the respective projects


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