sector aggravates total debt of the economy by 900 million – The Economic Newspaper

The indebtedness of the national economy worsened 1.4 billion euros, to 724.4 billion euros, compared with February, mainly due to the increase in the weight of the public sector, according to the statistical information note regarding the indebtedness of the non-financial sector. in March, released this Wednesday, May 22, by Banco de Portugal (BdP).

"In March 2019, the non-financial sector's indebtedness stood at € 724.4 billion, of which € 323.3 billion was for the public sector and € 401.1 billion for the private sector," it reads. But even though the largest volume of debt is in the private sector, it was the public sector that recorded the largest debt increase in March.

"This increase was distributed in increments of 0.9 and 0.5 billion euros in public sector and private sector indebtedness, respectively. The rise in public sector indebtedness was mainly reflected in the increase in indebtedness to the non-resident sector of € 1.4 billion, partially offset by the decrease in financing granted by the financial sector and by the public authorities themselves ", he pointed out. BdP.

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