Seixal attracts investment of 1 billion – The Economic Journal

Seixal attracts investment of 1 billion - The Economic Journal

Joaquim Santos, Mayor of Seixal, foresees that in the coming months more than 1 billion euros of private investments, national and foreign, in the hotel and tourism sector, but also in the pharmaceutical industry and in infrastructures will enter the municipality. In an exclusive interview with Jornal Econômico, the mayor who heads the municipality that was featured in the last edition of the SIL – Salão Imobiliário de Lisboa highlights that the boom real estate and tourism, is also being reflected in the exponential growth of local housing in the county.

What is the demand for new foreign inhabitants in the municipality of Seixal?

The increase in demand for the real estate market has been felt in the municipality of Seixal, with high-quality construction projects emerging, not only in areas near the Seixal Bay, such as Quinta da Trindade, municipality, in the proximity of more naturalized areas, such as the Quinta do Pinhão and Monteverde developments. Currently, it is interesting to note that Seixal is experiencing a new dynamic in social and housing terms. An example is the number of foreign citizens who have been choosing the county to reside, in particular French and Swedish, and which has been increasing year by year, seeing in the county a territory with great quality of life at the gates of Lisbon. The prospect is that the number of foreign residents will increase substantially in the coming times, taking into account that the municipality has been visited by numerous foreign delegations that intend to visit the county both to reside and to invest. The participation of the county in several competitions throughout the country has also led to many want to visit and know. Our climate, our geographic location, a few minutes from Lisbon and especially our Bay of Seixal are great attractions that have made many foreigners choose Seixal and not other places to live. Since the beginning of 2017, to date we can talk about the installation of about 200 new foreign households in Seixal, essentially French, Swedish and Swiss.

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