Selection in Águeda to prepare motocross of the nations

Os três pilotos da seleção com o diretor da pista do Casarão e o presidente do ACTIB

The national team of motocross rallied at the weekend in Águeda, preparing for the cross of nations, the last event of the world calendar, reserved for teams of countries, for which Portugal will compete with the ambition to be among the best

Paulo Gonçalves, Gonçalo Silva and Paulo Alberto are the three motocross riders who will team for Portugal in Michigan (United States) on October 6 and 7. They were with leaders and technical team of the Federation of Motorcycling of Portugal, on the Casarão crossdrome and in a gym in the city, between Friday and Sunday. They had intensive training sessions, taking advantage of the international track Águeda. "The riders know that our track has international quality and that, because of the difficulties it presents, is a demanding and beautiful place for pilots to perfect their qualities," said Albano Melo, president of ACTIB, a resident club of the cross-country.
The infrastructure has received several teams and motocross riders, who prepare there for the competition. "The demand and the use of the track has increased, with regulars coming from all over the country," said the Aguedense official.
To meet this demand, ACTIB has appointed Ricardo Lopes to track director.



Herlings to overtake Cairoli in the second round of the Águeda Grand Prix in April

In MXGP, Portugal's grand prix winner, held in April in Águeda, Jeffrey Herlings (Netherlands, KTM) dethroned the Italian Antonio Cairoli (KTM) as world champion. When a race is missed (Italy's grand prize in Imola on Sunday), Herlings adds 883 points to 782 in Cairoli. Plus: the Dutchman has won all his sleeves in the last seven grand prizes. From Portugal, Herlings only lost two sleeves and did not compete for the Fiat Grand Prix in Lombardy (Italy) in June.
Clement Desaille (Belgium, Kawasaki) is third with 645 points, Tim Gajser (Slovenia, Honda) is fourth with 625 points, Romain Febvre (France, Yamanha) is fifth with 544 and Gautier Paulin (France, Husqvarna) sixth with 541 points.


Jorge Prado, winner of the Portuguese Grand Prix, in Águeda

Jorge Prado, winner of the Portuguese Grand Prix, in Águeda

KTM has cemented its leadership in the two motocross world races (MXGP and MX2) but also in this category everything is in order to have the world champion exchange within the brand itself. And also the winner in Águeda should be the best in the world.
The Spaniard Jorge Prado adds 823 points, after winning both sleeves at the Dutch Grand Prix, and is four points off the world title. Beating the 2017 world champion, Pauls Jonass (Latvia), which totals 777 points. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) is third with 633 points ahead of Britain's Ben Watson (Yamanha) with 585 points and Thomas Covington (Husqvarna) with 565 points.

Photo above: The three motocross riders with the director of the Casarão track and the president of ACTIB

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