Sequela guaranteed: "Venom" continues to lead in theaters – News

Sequela guaranteed: "Venom" continues to lead in theaters - News

Sony reunited success with "Spider-Man, Homecoming," and augment another Marvel saga in the hands for years to come: "Venom" continues to be a commercial success, ensuring that Tom Hardy will not be the only symbiote once at the movies.

After surpassing expectations and raising $ 80.5 million in its US debut a week ago, the film returned to take first place in the second weekend of exhibition, with 35.7 million.

Despite losing 56% of the audience, a common percentage of super heroes and revenue-producing productions, "Venom" has reached 143 million in the US market and 235 in the international market, with a notable impact in South Korea.

All in all, it's 378 million in just ten days against a relatively cheap budget for the genre of 100 million, so all that's missing is the official announcement of the sequel.

Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga also have reasons to celebrate the second weekend and second place at the US box office of "Assim Nasce Una Estrela", which fell just 34.7% and got 28 million more.

With the Oscars in sight and much more to raise in the coming weeks as one of the few films aimed at the most adult audience, global revenues go at 135 million, versus an investment of only 36 million.

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Third place at the American box office is the premiere of "The First Man on the Moon", Damien Chazelle's new work after the success in the Oscars of "La La Land": the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong's space adventure, Ryan's role Gosling, stood at 16.5 million (the budget is estimated at 59 million).

With a debut in Portugal this week, the value is considered discreet by analysts for a film of this size and with ambitions for the prize season: by comparison, within the same genre, "Gravity" by Alfonso Cuarón and Sandra Bullock, started with 55.7 million in 2013, while Ridley Scott's "Lost on Mars" and Matt Damon kept the trend at 54.3 million two years later.

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Another debut, "Goosebumps 2: Creeps on Halloween", which arrives on the 25th in Portugal, was in fourth place, with 16.2 million.

The first film started with 23.6 million in 2015, but profitability is assured: the sequel only cost 35 million, less than the original 58. Part of the difference will certainly be Jack Black, who has only returned for a small turnout.

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