Sérgio Conceição: "Normally I link statistics very little, whether positive or negative"

Sérgio Conceição: "Normally I link statistics very little, whether positive or negative"

FC Porto coach Sérgio Conceição made this Tuesday the preview of the game with Lokomotiv for the Champions League and devalued the historical record of the portistas on the trips to Moscow.

In the press conference previewing the match with Lokomotiv Moscow, Sérgio Conceição began by praising the Russian opponent admitting that he has good individualities, but stressing that he prepared the meeting tomorrow with always reference to the team as a whole.

"I have heard the coach of the opposing team, who says that we can not want to shoot for a river, if we do not know if we can get out of it. that we have and what we can do to counter the weaknesses of the opponent, "Sérgio Conceição began.

"What Lokomotiv's coach wanted to say is that we were an aggressive team, especially in the loss of the ball. He looked at the team well and we know the Lokomotiv team well, for their interesting dynamics. alive in the game, to achieve the three points, "added Sérgio Conceição about the opponent.

Asked about the positive record of FC Porto against Muscovite teams, Sérgio Conceição devalued the fact that the 'dragons' always won on their trips to Moscow.

"I am very aware of the greatness of FC Porto, we represent a historical club, but I do not look at it with pressure or anything. the game, and it will be a very difficult team, I look at what the team is all about and what we have to do to win a victory, "said the FC Porto coach.

Facing the absences of Aboubakar and Tiquinho Soares, the FC Porto coach assured that he has options in the squad for the game with Lokomotiv of Moscow but admitted that he would like to have the two strikers.

"I can not count on both, one for injury and another because I'm not registered, but as a coach I have to find alternatives," said Sérgio Conceição.

Already in relation to the reunion with Éder, the coach Portista recalled the 'fantastic year' he had in SC Braga, but assumed that at this moment the Lokomotiv coach should know more to extract the maximum potential of the Portuguese international.

"It was a fantastic year at SC Braga at that time and Lokomotiv's coach will know as much or more than me to extract the maximum potential of Eder that made us so happy in the National Team. , which is very important in this team. It is a good publicity for Portuguese football, "said Sérgio Conceição.

Finally, Sérgio Conceição was asked about the physical condition of Otavio and admitted that at this moment the Brazilian midfielder is working in a conditioned way.

"At the moment he is with the team, in a conditioned way, let's see how he feels until the time of the match." Only tomorrow will we know if he plays, whether he stays on the bench or on the bench.

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