Sérgio Vieira promises Farense "bold and ambitious" against leader Sporting

Sérgio Vieira promises Farense "bold and ambitious" against leader Sporting

Farense coach Sérgio Vieira today promised a "sassy and ambitious" team to fight for three points in Saturday's trip to Sporting, leader of the 1st soccer league, in a match for the 10th round.

"The players are very prepared, but the confrontation with the opponent's forces is what will dictate our dynamics. We have planned to be bold and ambitious in the fight for the three points. If we are going to be able, in terms of game control, to have that optimized process, the circumstances of the game will tell ", said the coach, in a press conference.

Recalling that the team has already shown the ability to fight on an equal footing in the games against Benfica and Sporting de Braga, despite having added two defeats in those meetings, the Algarve coach stressed that the ambition will be the same.

"The games have different stories and in this game we are going to focus on our ambition, which can be achieved due to different strategies. What we have defined is being very ambitious and focusing on three points", he reinforced, promising a team " organized and compact ".

Sérgio Vieira distributed a lot of praise for Sporting, leader of the championship, although he did not directly name ‘lions’ as the team that best practices football in Portugal today.

"It is a team that plays well, very organized, with individual and collective quality. We cannot have radical opinions to the point of saying that it is the best, it is certainly one of the best. It has strengths, for which we have prepared, and we will try to be effective, "he said.

Despite the opponent's ability, the Farense coach believes that "it is always possible" to get points in Alvalade: "It depends on the determination of the players, the structure and what we did during the week", he explained.

In an atypical year, disturbed by the covid-19 pandemic, in which injuries "increased" in all major competitions, Sérgio Vieira also referred that the last stops of the I Liga, both after the Algarve's victories, were not beneficial.

"In competitive terms, it has not been beneficial. It does not allow to give a competitive sequence and stabilize the players in an optimal level of physical, technical and tactical performance. We tried to prepare in training and we count on the overcoming of our players, which is essential", he stressed.

The coach also left a word about the reunion of Scottish midfielder Ryan Gauld with Sporting, considering that the return to a place where he has been can be "an extra motivating factor", although his focus "is always the same, play in Alvalade. , in Dragão, Braga or Moreira de Cónegos ".

Sporting, leader of the I Liga, with 23 points, receives Farense, 14th, with eight, in a game scheduled for Saturday, at 20:30, at Estádio José Alvalade, with referee by André Narciso (Setúbal).


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