Sérgio Vieira promises Farense motivated for duel with Estrela in the Cup

Sérgio Vieira promises Farense motivated for duel with Estrela in the Cup

Farense coach Sérgio Vieira promises a “determined and motivated” team against the “renewed” Estrela da Amadora, in a match for the 3rd round of the Portuguese Cup in football scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, at 14:30 hours, broadcast on Channel 11.

“We will have a Farense prepared to gain access to the next round, but with respect for the opponent. He competes in a lower division, but in the events eliminating that, little or nothing counts ”, said the coach, in the preview released by the communication channels of the Algarve emblem.

Ahead, Farense will have Club Football Estrela da Amadora SAD, “heir” of Estrela da Amadora, winner of the Portuguese Cup in 1990, beating Farense in the very final (2-0) – after a 1-1 in the final from the previous week – in the only presence of the Algarve in Jamor.

Sérgio Vieira's recipe for beating the leader of the G Series of the Portuguese Championship – where Paollo Oliveira plays, loaned by the Algarve – has already been shared with the dressing room.

“We must enter with respect and value the players on the other side. Enter with determination and motivation to pass the tie ”, underlined the coach.

Adding that Estrela “is a team with a lot of quality and very strong in its division”, Sérgio Vieira said: “It remains for us to match the motivation that they can put on the most because it is a game to eliminate and to be superior in all other chapters . ”

The coach of Farense was not concerned with the cycle of games that started with the defeat of Sporting de Braga on Sunday and will end on Monday, with the reception to Marítimo.

“It is a range of games that allows you to manage recovery. Worse was the previous stop, which took away routines and habits. We want to show what we are worth and when there are no games it is more complicated. This is what Farense has to get used to, playing every three days ”, he stressed.

Regarding Farense's aspirations, at this moment 18th and last classified in the I Liga, in the Portuguese Cup, the coach prefers to talk about a step by step walk.

“The immediate ambition is to pass the tie. The Portuguese Cup is to go from round to round, from opponent to opponent. We have to understand the context and the circumstances, but our DNA will always be playing each game to pass ”, he concluded.


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