Setúbal district leader says “there was no common sense or balance” in choosing lists – Jornal Económico

Setúbal district leader Bruno Vitorino, who was excluded from the PSD lists in protest against Rui Rio's leadership, said on Tuesday that “there was no common sense or balance” in choosing the lists of candidates for deputies. Bruno Vitorino said the PSD president condemned the party to "a sad spectacle" and accused Rui Rio of not respecting the party's district structures.

“We have been entertaining for months giving a sad spectacle to the country, where we speak only of names, because there was no common sense or balance in the relationship between the national structure and the districts, the respect we have for these structures and for the people” said Bruno Vitorino, at the entrance to the meeting of the National Council, which will be held tonight in Guimarães.

Bruno Vitorino also considered that “it was enough to have respected the statutes and had a little common sense” when choosing candidates for deputies. “Let's get here and discuss programmatic lines that we don't know what they are, a process I've never seen before either. How are national councilors asked to be bound by a document they do not know or might know now during the meeting? ”He criticized, recalling other leaders such as Pedro Passos Coelho and Durão Barroso, who“ knew how to unite the party ”.

Earlier Bruno Vitorino had stated, in an interview with ‘Público’, that "the atmosphere on the PSD is knife-cutting. "Rui Rio is shredding the party in some districts and that's one of the issues I want to ask him on the National Council," he said at the time.

To head the list of PSD by Setúbal, Rui Rio invited the current councilor of Setúbal City Council Nuno Carvalho. Other deputies who were elected in this legislature, such as Maria Luís Albuquerque (elected by the Setubal circle), were excluded from the lists, by appointment of Rui Rio, which did not please the district.

The PSD National Council will approve the lists of Social Democratic candidates for deputies in the Assembly of the Republic, by hand. Between renewal and the exclusion of critics from the current leadership, the PSD parliamentary group that will step out of the October legislatures is expected to have only a third of the current deputies. The remaining two thirds leave Parliament.

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