Shaken in Health blocked due to PPP issue – The Economic Journal

"Why does the PS insist on leaving open the door to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Health? Why leave the door open for the privatization of the National Health Service (SNS)? "In the biweekly debate with the prime minister, on Thursday in the Assembly of the Republic, the leader of the BE, Catarina Martins, again asks Antonio Costa on the maintenance of PPPs in the Bases of Health Law. Martins began by stressing that "the State pays the PPPs in Health about 500 million euros per year", but that "the Government has already decided not to renew Braga and that of Vila Franca de Xira ".

In that context, it declared BE's support for the non-renewal decision. However, maintaining the possibility of contracting PPP under the new Basic Health Law represents an "essential divergence" between BE and PS. The leader of the bloquistas referred to Costa's statements in previous debates in the Assembly of the Republic and urged the prime minister to close the door of the SNS to the "ruinous businesses" of the PPP. In the response, the prime minister argued that a "baseline" health law or a "institutional conflict" was not useful, and the bloc leader countered that the responsibility for making this law lies with the current government solution.

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