She is passionate about books and uses them to create amazing photographs.

She is passionate about books and uses them to create amazing photographs.

Elizabeth Sagan, who more than 94,000 people already follow on Instagram, outside the other social networks, has hundreds of literary works. Between one reading and another, he takes advantage of making photographic productions that (re) create imaginary worlds.

Elizabeth Sagan is only 23 years old and has an overwhelming passion for books, which she collects. It even created a book My Book Features, a community of exchange of literary works for those who like to read but do not find a particular title for sale or do not have the economic means to acquire them. At first, their sharing on social networks served primarily to communicate their most recent readings.

To attract the attention of the followers, he created interactive photographs with shelves that lined the walls of his house and displayed the huge collection of literary works. Over time, as you can see then, the idea began to become increasingly complex and creative, leading Elizabeth Sagan to (re) create literary scenes, taking advantage of the striking colors of the spines and the covers of the publications.

With more than 94,000 followers on Instagram and more than 11,600 followers on Facebook, joining more than 5,300 followers daily on Twitter, the creative is one of the many success stories on social networks. In the many photographs she shares, besides angels and shooting stars, there are warriors fighting dragons, mermaids, surfers, sagittarius, and many mythological creations taken from the books she reads.

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