Shopping centers want direct aid if there are new restrictions

Shopping centers want direct aid if there are new restrictions

The Portuguese Association of Shopping Centers (APCC) defended direct State aid today if there are more restrictive measures to the sector, which "has already spent more than 600 million euros in support to tenants" due to the pandemic.

The Government will announce this week the implementation of more restrictive measures, in the scope of the fight against the pandemic of covid-19.

In a statement, the APCC recalls "that since the beginning of the pandemic, an outbreak originating from shopping centers has never been detected, as a result of the measures and controls implemented since always, and strictly complied with" and calls "that in the measures that the Government will announce not it is mandatory to close almost all activities "in those spaces, as well as" also so that the hours are not reduced, as a means of preventing concentrations at the doors of the centers or stores inside ".

The APCC states that, following the various measures imposed on shopping centers, "the sector has already spent more than 600 million euros in supporting tenants", so the association "defends that, if the Government chooses to enact restrictive measures" to these spaces, "direct aid to retailers and shopping centers by the State be implemented".

"In view of this security evidence, we believe that the most prudent would be for the Government to allow all activities in shopping centers to remain open, to ensure that the Portuguese have safe and controlled spaces to meet their needs", says the president of APCC, António Sampaio de Mattos, quoted in the statement.

"The continuation of this situation, keeping shopping centers as the entities that have endured the effects of this pandemic crisis alone, without any kind of compensation, puts companies that own shopping centers in a difficult financial situation", warns the official.

"We may come to see the closure of some of these commercial spaces, with the dramatic consequences that this will have on the levels of employability", pointed out António Sampaio de Mattos.


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