Short film made by the Algarve available on World Suicide Day

Short film made by the Algarve available on World Suicide Day

The director Henrique Lopes will make available today, Thursday, the 10th World Suicide Day, to the general public, his award-winning short film «A Viagem», produced by ETIC_Algarve, through Vimeo.

He is a young filmmaker, born in Tavira, who has a very young and dynamic team, made up almost entirely of film students. The short film was produced by ETIC_Algarve, where Henrique Lopes was a student of direction.

«A Viagem» was a critical success and has several awards and mentions in several festivals, such as, among others, the 1st place in the «Fiction / Drama» category of FICSAM 2019 – International Film and Mental Health Festival and the 1st place in the «Experimental» category of the Sophia Student Awards – Academia Portuguesa de Cinema.

“Suicide is a harsh reality that lives in the shadows of thousands of people. It is not said out loud but in the silence of emotions, unnoticed looks and the smallest actions. Every year, about 800 thousand deaths occur, according to a WHO report, and “A Viagem” aims to raise awareness among the population that there is always a solution and possibilities, and should not give up ”, points out ETIC_Algarve.


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