Side B returns to Silves – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Side B returns to Silves - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

In October the format "Side B" returns with the performance of Miguel Gizzas, author of the works "The Day the Sea Returned", "Until the Sea Calms" and "Time Won". The author of the 1st Musical Romance of the World, explains that this concept is "an experience lived in several channels". And reinforces: «Just as the soundtrack of a film transports us to the feeling that the story intends to narrate; Just as in a musical, the story is colored by music, ”when he writes,“ he intends to color the feelings he conveys not only with the writing, but also with the songs that accompany each chapter ”. Miguel Gizzas will be at the Mascarenhas Gregório Theater (TMG) on October 11 at 9:30 pm. Tickets will go on sale from September 11th.

The following name is David Fonseca, who will perform at the Pastoral Center of Pear on November 8, also at 9.30 pm. The Leiria-born musician is deeply associated with the band he gave voice to, Silence 4, which formed in 1998 and ended in 2002. In 2003, David Fonseca releases his first solo album, “Sing Me Something New” where it explores new facets of composer and performer. In 2004, David participates in the Human project, giving voice to unpublished themes by António Variações alongside Manuela Azevedo and Camané. In 2005 launches "Our Hearts Will Beat As One". “Dreams In Color” is the third original work, released in 2007 in Portugal and 2008 in Italy, Greece and Spain. In 2009 comes out “Between Waves”, his 4th solo album. David Fonseca has set aside for 2012 one of the greatest artistic challenges of his career – telling us a year of his life through songs. The result is "Seasons", a work that is split into two albums: "Rising and" Falling. "

The year will end big, with the presence of Berg, more specifically Teófilo Sonnenberg (Berg), who was born in Angola, grew up in Porto and lived in Switzerland (where he was part of the national snowboard team and recorded his first album at age 15). with the band Pacemaker) and on his return to Portugal joined the band of Rui Veloso where he has been for 14 years. He will perform at the Mascarenhas Gregório Theater on December 6 at 9:30 pm.

With numerous collaborations, including artists such as Boss AC, Rita Guerra, Nuno Guerreiro, Pedro Abrunhosa and GNR, he edited a first album in 1999 (“Berg”) and another in 2008 (“World”). Won in 2014 the Factor X Portugal program. In his new album, “Tempo”, the first fully interpreted in Portuguese, continues to highlight the vocal versatility and mastery of various instruments. Will perform at TMG on December 6, at 21h30.

With an associated cost of 8 euros, tickets for Side B with Miguel Gizzas can be purchased from the date mentioned above through the online ticket office BOL, or at the usual retail outlets.



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