«Sidewalks, Art goes to the Street» in the historic center of São Brás de Alportel – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

«Sidewalks, Art goes to the Street» in the historic center of São Brás de Alportel - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The 6th edition of the original event «Sidewalks, Art goes to the Street» will once again invade the streets and alleys of the Historic Center of São Brás de Alportel with culture and animation, tomorrow, Wednesday, 14.

Artistic creations, design, sculpture, photography, moments of music and dance, but also poetry and even chilling tales are some of the moments foreseen in the agenda.

“Art lurks around corners and alleys and invites to a magical night, where you can hear the heartbeat of the village,” says the São Paulo municipality.

To accompany the tour, there will be no shortage of snacks, local products and of course lots of handicrafts to take with you original pieces that bring the mastery of time.

The animation program integrates 14 moments, spread over seven different spaces.

The animated Al-fanfarre begin their performance at Largo de São Sebastião at 20:30 hours. The parish stage of the Parish Church is once again the dance meeting point, with performances by the São Brás de Alportel Municipal Dance School and the Algarve Dance Company.

In the alternative space "À do Calçada", in the courtyard of the old Episcopal Palace from 21:15 we can hear Rattle N Strum, Beatrice and DJ Solitaire.

The stage of Praça Velha opens at 21:00 and will feature performances by fado singer Argentina Freire, the group Campaniças do Mira (traditional) and also moments of hilarious comedy with Jorge Serafim.

And on the Vila Adentro stage, where very special moments are always reserved, the animation starts at 21:30 with the performances of Big Six (rock), The Wax Flamingos (blues / rock) and the long awaited performance of the group Quem é Bob? (reggae), a tribute to Bob Marley.

The little ones have in the Dr. Estanco Louro Municipal Library their special corner with two storytelling sessions with the "Itinerant Troubadours", at 21:30 and 22:30, in addition to many face paintings.

To keep the tradition, in the striking of twelve strokes, in Calçadinha is time to hear «Stories of the Creepy», by Maria José Carocinho and Fernando Guerreiro.

At the Arts and Crafts Center, it is also possible to visit the exhibitions «Os Begços», by Jolita Yamuna, and «Subnigrum: Fronteira», by Ana Vieira Ribeiro, the result of a partnership established with Museu Zero, one of the novelties of this exhibition. 1st edition of «Sidewalks».

On the other hand, some windows will be even more beautiful, the result of another edition of the contest «The Most Beautiful Window», an artistic challenge to owners and residents that is part of the event.

Following the fight to reduce pollution caused by excessive use of plastic, the 6th edition of Calçada is even more environmentally friendly. Similar to the measure adopted at Feira da Serra, this event will not be used disposable plastic cups.

Visitors will be able to purchase reusable glasses at the liquor stores or bring a reusable glass with them.

The initiative, part of the Historic Center Revitalization Plan, is promoted by the São Brás de Alportel City Council, in partnership with the «Calçada Organizing Committee», an informal group from the São Paulo community.



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