Sign language translator opens in Porto metro – Computers

Sign language translator opens in Porto metro - Computers

The Aliados station, in the Porto metropolitan area, has a new interactive screen with six languages ​​to help deaf users with the most frequent transportation service issues.

An animated doll (avatar) will answer questions asked by deaf people who use the Allied subway station in the Porto network. It is a sign language translator created by ISEP that supports six languages ​​(Portuguese, English, German, Greek, Slovene and Cypriot).

According to TSF, Professor Nuno Escudeiro, from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto and one of the project owners, people can select a set of questions that will be reproduced by gestures executed by an avatar, in the chosen language. The answer follows. The questions and answers are related to frequently asked questions to metro employees, including where to buy the pass (orally) or what to do if you lose the ticket.

The interaction screen is divided into different categories: andante, trip, validation, zones and monthly passes, with associated questions.

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Photo: Rute Fonseca / TSF

The project was funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + Program, with the translations respecting the semantic issues of the countries participating in partnership. Being a pilot project, this will be tested in the next three months, but the goal is to extend to other public transport, schools and municipalities.

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