Silves already has a new municipal gym

Silves already has a new municipal gym

The municipality of Silves has completed the construction of the new gymnasium for the Silves municipal swimming pool complex. The investment amounted to 234 thousand euros, including the execution of the work and the acquisition of equipment.

Between the new and the old gym there are marked differences. The area of ​​the new gym covers 403 m2 which compares with the 88 m2 of the old space, with a maximum capacity of 70 people (20 people in the previous space). The old gym had 23 machines, while the new one is equipped with 39 machines or platforms.

The municipality emphasizes that «the equipment acquired is of high quality and of the reference brand in the area of
fitness, allowing to increase in number and quality, the practice of cardiovascular training exercises and strength training ».

The new gym, which will reopen on June 15, is equipped with supplementary support material, such as weight supports, Olympic bars, dumbbells and other material for functional training.

The municipality considers that «the new gym is probably the best public infrastructure of its kind, in the Algarve region, in line with the municipality's strategy of promoting physical maintenance, which provides and enhances the creative occupation of free time and the improving the quality of health of young people and adults ».


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