Silves approves exemption from fees for merchants

Silves approves exemption from fees for merchants

The Silves municipal assembly, in its ordinary session of May 26, 2020, unanimously approved the exemption from the payment of fees for occupying public space or advertising, for all individuals who had their establishment of commerce or provision of services. services closed or with suspended activity in compliance with the restrictive measures imposed by the Government in the context of the execution of the declaration of the state of emergency.

This measure is the result of a proposal by the municipal executive, led by the Mayor of Silves, Rosa Palma, who had already received unanimous approval at a meeting held on April 14.

Through this tax exemption, the municipality of Silves will have to give up its revenue, estimated at a value close to 93 thousand euros. The executive's intention is "to immediately relieve the negative impact of the economic paralysis caused by the closing or forced suspension of the activity of commercial establishments and the provision of services".

A measure that also aims to "support and boost the relaunch of the county's economic activity in the face of the serious implications that the situation of public calamity caused by the international pandemic of the new coronavirus is having on the national and local economy".

Local businesspeople and traders will now be able to request reimbursement of fees from March 2020 onwards from municipal services, as well as not paying any fees in relation to new orders related to the occupation of public space or advertising until December 2020.

In addition to this measure, other measures to support the community have already been approved by the Silves city council due to the exceptional situation of the epidemic outbreak of the new coronavirus and which translate into the activation of the Social Emergency Fund; in the deferral of payment of bills for water supply and sanitation, with no late payment of interest, nor suspension of the provision of the public service in question; suspending the period for collecting all fees related to municipal advertising licensing required by advertising companies; and exemption from the payment of rents for concessionaires and commercial tenants of municipal spaces.


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