Silves approves minimum IMI rate

Silves integrates citizens' proposals in 2020 - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

At the proposal of the executive led by the Mayor of Silves, Rosa Palma, the minimum rate of the municipal property tax (IMI) for 2021 (urban buildings – 30%) was unanimously approved at a meeting of the Silves municipal assembly. in addition to the fixing of a reduction of 30% for urban buildings in the parish of São Marcos da Serra.

On that same occasion, also at the proposal of the municipal executive, the reduction of the IMI was approved unanimously by the members of the assembly in the case of properties intended for the permanent housing of families with dependent dependents, known by the IMI Familiar (with 1 dependent: € 20.00; with 2 dependents: € 40.00; and with 3 or more dependents: € 70.00), as well as the application of the zero rate with respect to the municipal fee for rights of way, not burdening the final consumer billing related to electronic communications services.

«These measures represent an important financial effort by the municipality of Silves and are part of a policy that is friendly to the taxpayer, families, economic agents and investors, in which the municipality abdicates part of its main tax revenue to the detriment of public investment, to address the need to alleviate the heavy tax burden that the State imposes on citizens and businesses, to protect and boost the local economy and to attract sustainable investment to the municipality », underlines the municipality of Silves.

The executive points out that "this way more disposable income is guaranteed for families, workers and entrepreneurs, which acquires special importance considering the current recessive economic context caused by the international pandemic of the new coronavirus".


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