Silves approves support for urban rehabilitation

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The municipality of Silves, in an executive meeting held on January 25, approved the allocation of support within the scope of the applications, submitted in 2020, to the Support Program for the Improvement of Housing Conditions (PAHAB) and the Support Program for the Restoration of Gardens and Inner Courtyards (PARJPI), which translate into a global contribution of urban rehabilitation works in the order of 13 thousand euros.

Eight applications to the PAHAB deserved approval, with a global intervention value of 199,740 euros, reimbursed by the municipality in 11,640 euros; and three applications to PARJPI, with a global intervention value of 8,552 euros, with a contribution of 1,500 euros.

The main objective of PAHAB is to contribute to the improvement of the habitability conditions of the building located in ARU de Silves and, thus, reinforce the attractiveness of this rehabilitation area, namely for housing purposes. The contribution of the municipality of Silves is fixed at 20% of the maximum amount of eligible expenditure (in this case, the maximum of eligible expenditure varies according to the type of reimbursable work defined in the regulation). In turn, PARJPI aims to contribute to the enhancement, promotion and knowledge of the natural and scenic heritage of the city of Silves, specifically the private green spaces located in the ARU de Silves. In this program, the municipality's contribution is fixed at 20% of the value of the works carried out, with a maximum limit of 500 euros per intervention.

Applications for these two programs, applicable to the year 2021, are open until March 31, and must be formalized through the email address [email protected] All documents inherent to the application process, as well as the respective regulations, are available for consultation and download on the website of the municipality.


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