Silves budget rises to 47 million – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

"Cem Desabafos ... without Spines" presented in Silves - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipal Budget of Silves for 2019, totaling 47.7 million euros, compared to 39.6 million euros in 2018, was approved in the last Municipal Assembly (AM) held on November 29, after initial approval at a meeting on October 29.

The amount foreseen in the Multiannual Investment Plan (PPI) amounts to 14.8 million euros, comprising a vast set of works, distributed by the various parishes that integrate the Municipality of Silves, in accordance with the principle of social and territorial cohesion of the municipality , continuing with the strong dynamics that comes from the previous autarkic mandate.

In very general terms, the budget is marked by the tax-friendly tax policy in terms of Municipal Property Tax (IMI), with the application of minimum rates and family IMI, by strengthening social support, by gradually increasing support to associations and annual doubling of transfers to the Unions and Town Councils, compared to the previous municipal mandate, as well as the measures, exemptions and incentives for urban rehabilitation and local investment, to take advantage of opportunities for access to Community funds and / or national and the trajectory of indebtedness that continues.

The deliberation of the Municipal Assembly was taken with the votes in favor of the CDU and the BE, and the abstention of the remaining PSD and PS. In the City Hall, the previsional documents had been approved with the votes in favor of the Councilors of the CDU and the votes against of the Councilors of PSD and PS.



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