Silves Cathedral wooden floor is being recovered – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Silves Cathedral wooden floor is being recovered - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Already started on September 4, the works of recovery of the wooden floor of the Cathedral of Silves, works that will be carried out by the City Council of Silves in collaboration with the Parish of Our Lady of Conception of Silves, entity responsible for the daily use of that building. .

The works will be carried out by the Conservation and Restoration Service of the Culture, Tourism and Heritage Division and the Municipal Works and Traffic Division Carpentry Service, which will carry out work to repair identified damage and damage. "The wooden floor of the temple is very poorly treated, mainly due to the environmental conditions of the space, namely the excess of moisture formerly there, and the absence or performance of poor maintenance and dissonant restoration," explains the municipality. "However, despite all these factors of degradation and alteration, the quality of the existing wood gives the whole a good state of conservation, so it must be recovered," says the Executive.

The intervention should last about 92 days and will follow a highly conservative methodology, namely by recovering the existing wood, cleaning it, disinfesting it, consolidating it, filling in the gaps, replacing dissonant restorations and applying a layer. of protection. The intervention in this space, classified as a National Monument, was previously approved by the tutelage – the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage – and the diagnosis of conservation status was developed in advance by the Conservation and Restoration team of the municipality, using a thorough mapping of pathologies. .

The work aims to ensure the safeguarding of the existing pavement, following the principle of minimum intervention that should always guide conservation and restoration interventions, as well as the safety of people who circulate daily through that national monument.

The Sé de Silves, whose construction began in the 14th century (being the chair of the Bishop of the Algarve until 1577), has architectural and stylistic characteristics of that era (Gothic). After the earthquake of 1755 and the works carried out in space in consequence it gained a Baroque feature, materialized in the Bell Tower and the Sun Gate. It is a National Monument since 1922.



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